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Rataul Stairs – a business you can trust for quality material and best prices for any type of traditional stairs in Melbourne

Wrought Iron Balustrade

We use the highest quality wrought iron products to ensure longevity of the balustrade. You can rely on our expertise for any type of traditional stairs in Melbourne.

Traditional Balustrade

Rataul Stairs specialises in designing and building traditional balustrades in Melbourne. Whether it is an iron or a timber balustrade, we can create an exceptional design to suit your home design. Our quotes are lower than competitors and we use finest quality material to get it right for always.

Carpet covered stairs

Carpet looks great on stairs and gives an elegant touch to your staircase. We design and build the staircase to match your house theme and lay the carpet in the finest way to complement the staircase. We do more than 20-25 carpet style traditional stairs in Melbourne each year.

Closed String Stairs

Closed String staircase are made in a simple fashion, but we make one of the best closed string stairs in Melbourne. Closed String Stairs have a simple design but can look exceptional with the right details added to it. Closed string stairs can be finished with bullnose & curtail treads at the bottom of the flight giving a spacious feel at the first few steps.