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Traditional Balustrade

Rataul stairs offers beautiful designs of Traditional Balustrade at affordable prices.


  • Simple design without visible fixing
  • a reversible appearance when used for straight
    runs and corners
  • Discrete handrail and midrail brackets
  • Installation options: slab, slab nose,
    front-face panel, between walls and base wall
  • Base plates with one or two fixing points

Balustrade in Melbourne

At Rataul Stairs, we offer modern stairs with various options and styles – mixing the elegance of wood, steel and timber. We specialise in stylish and elegant stair designs of balustrade in Melbourne.

Rataul Stairs offers a variety of options when it comes to balustrades. Balusters are the blocks that are fitted between the stairs and the handrail. They are usually made of iron, timber, glass or steel. Rataul Stairs specialises in making traditional balustrades in Melbourne. Balustrading adds safety, security and compliments the looks of your property.

We also design exclusive custom exterior balustrades which are suited for your home needs. These custom needs are taken into account while designing the staircase plan to ensure longevity and suitability. Once the balustrades have been installed inside your home, our team goes an extra mile to ensure installation is as desired and you are satisfied.

Rataul Stairs offers a variety of options including timber, steel, glass and balustrade in Melbourne.